aetna manor revitalization program

"rebuild your community"


As the old adage goes, “It takes a village …”, in our case, it takes a city – precisely, our City: Gary, IN! Our Mayor, Karen Freeman-Wilson, and her staff of City employees and volunteers, along with our 1st District Councilwoman Rebecca Wyatt, Councilman-At-Large Ronald Brewer, and Councilman-At-Large Herb Smith, the Gary Community School Corporation, the McDonald’s corporation and its Regional Manager Alicia Kowalski, Miracle Temple Church, Glen Ryan Paviliion, and the Miller Citizens Corporation [M.C.C.] and its President George Rogge, and the Lake County Sheriff’s Department/Lake County Jail have joined with us to address our varied concerns.

Since our inception, the following concerns have been and are being satisfactorily addressed:

  1. Cutting down and removal of dead/diseased trees from easements;
  2. Filling of potholes;
  3. Overgrowth of lot at Aetna Elementary School and the re-boarding of its doors and windows;
  4. Increased Police patrols;
  5. Upkeep of our four (4) parks and our Little League Field;
  6. Clearing and cutting of vacant lots;
  7. Demolition of abandoned houses;
  8. Reduced roaming of unleashed dogs;
  9. Installation of speed bumps [temporarily].

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