aetna manor revitalization program

"rebuild your community"


Penny: A.M.R.P. President

On the afternoon of Saturday, June 6, 2015, having opened with prayer, approximately 40 Neighbors gathered in the north parking lot of the closed and abandoned Aetna Elementary School to discuss our collective concerns about our Neighborhood. With several items listed, we were able to condense and compartmentalize our concerns into two (2) categories: Appearance and Safety.
Not quite settled on whether our efforts would be short- or long-term, we decided it would just be a program: commencing with setting goals and objectives, and culminating with accomplishments. With this in mind, we entertained several names for this Program based on our purpose, and conceded that our current set of circumstances did not lend themselves to our return to the Aetna of yester-year. We stopped looking backward and set our eyes toward into a future vibrancy by revitalizing what remains and starting anew where the potential exists. Then learning that “Aetna” is legally named “Aetna Manor” in City records, we became “AETNA MANOR REVITALIZATION PROGRAM”.